Welcome to Eat of Eden


Eat of Eden is an innovative and exciting concept which caters for all who want to eat wholesome, healthy and delicious vegan food.

With a West Indian and European fusion, all of our dishes are made and prepared by professionals who love what they do.
Dishes range from savoury curries, salads and various grains to delicious raw torts and chocolate orange cakes. (cacao)

We ensure that all customers feel the Eat of Eden experience and that it is positive and wholesome.

We do not just want to show the local community a better and healthier way to eat , we aim to spread the word of alternative diets to all who care about their health, the planet we live on and rely on and the animals we do not need to harm.
Our aim is to make vegan cuisine peoples first choice by making our dishes exciting, tasty ,wholesome and healthy.

Eat through the day the Eat of Eden way.

What Our Customers Says